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Do you wanna build a challenge? We can CTF today!
  • Track B: Saturday 1440-1510
  • Video

While there are many ways to solidify a role in the community, without a doubt Capture the Flag competitions occupy a critical position in hacker culture. With a combination of technical challenge and raw puzzle solving skill, CTF events provide an opportunity for individuals to simultaneously learn and compete with one another.

The purpose of this talk is to provide attendees with a general overview of the challenge creation process for CTFs, in order to enable their participation in this sort of event from the position of a designer/organizer rather than a competitor. Alternatively, for competitors this talk may improve understanding of the challenge creation process.

This talk will encompass:

  1. Different creative processes for brainstorming challenges
  2. Various technical processes for implementing challenges
  3. An overview of different collaborative methods which may be used by CTF organizers
  4. Different infrastructure approaches for challenge maintenance

Jason Ritzke is a nice guy who works for a company called Taos helping people and companies get more out of their computers and themselves. He specializes in...

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