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Purple Team: Exposed
  • Track B: Friday 1440-1510
  • Video

Are you looking to rapidly improve your security posture or train a new member of your security organization? Are you a Blue Team member looking to cross train with Red Team or vice versa? Purple Teaming could be the answer to your problems. You may have already heard about Purple Teaming through a spare think piece online, casual mentions or even rage tweets, but few know what makes a Purple Team. In this talk I will cover how to build your own Purple Team function from the ground up using applied gap analysis, creating meaningful test cases, modifying tools, cross-training possibilities, and automation frameworks. We'll walk through the methodology together so you leave with the tools and experience you need to do it yourself. If implemented, this can give you a better knowledge of your security baseline, improvements in defenses, opportunities for internal training and mentorship, and an increased dialogue between Red and Blue.

Mary Sawyer is a member of the Red Team at Palo Alto Networks. In addition to her work on the Red Team to stay ahead of the attackers by embracing...

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