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We detected a severe vulnerability, why is nobody listening?
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Have you ever wondered why one of your high-priority vulnerabilities got rejected or delayed even though you thought it was foolish of your company not to implement it in a timely fashion? You probably got slowed down or stopped by the gatekeepers to engineering resources namely product management. However, what product management entails and what the goals of product management are, is rarely explained. I lead a group of product managers in a medical software company, and it is my job to decide which projects make it into the engineering/R&D backlog and which ones are being delayed or even eliminated. I will share the decision-making process and critical questions that need to be answered by any project to make it onto the shortlist. In this presentation, I will provide a view of product management from the inside. Once everybody understands what product management is, what product managers do, why he or she does it, and what his or her decision process is, we can improve the chances of critical IT projects or vulnerability fixes to be completed on time. I believe that together we can build better and more secure products when we understand each other's motivators and goals.

I am VP of Solutions (Product Management) for NextGen Healthcare with nearly 20 years experience in Product Management in the healthcare industry. My goal is to improve provider's and patient's...

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