This information is from a previous year. Please visit for up to date information.


Capture the Flag

DC562 is once again bringing the pain! This year expect chaos and mayhem and some clever puzzles from our local DEFCON group. Challenges will include reverse engineering, cryptography, Web App Exploits, and more. The top ranked teams will win prizes from Hak5!

Internet of Things

Toasters, HVAC, and routers, oh my! Come play in a network that represents the average consumer network. A cozy LED fireplace will light your efforts while you rain terror down on a virtual american home.


Locksport. Safe Cracking. Giant Locks. Contests. Our lockpicking village (LPV) has it all. If you are new to lockpicking we will have a whole range of beginner locks for you to learn on. Are you ready to try your skills against a more challenging lock? We will have high security locks for you to test your mettle against.