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ShellCon 2018 was on Sept 21-22 in San Pedro, CA!

ShellCon is an information security conference that is held annually in the beautiful beach cities of Los Angeles. Our yearly conference is a growing event that is focused on creating an atmosphere of open communication, collaboration, and connection. We value community, technical knowledge, and getting your hands dirty. We want you to walk away from ShellCon with an itch to try what you just learned and the knowledge to do so. Presentations and events at the con will have a focus on practicality and real world use.

ShellCon 2018 Videos

Videos for all of the Track 1 and Track 2 talks are now up!

You can watch the full playlist here.

You can also browse our list of talks for the video for a specific talk.

Thank you!

We are extremely grateful to our speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees in making ShellCon 2018 such a great success! Stay tuned for highlights from this year, availability of the videos for this year's talks, and information about our future events!

Have feedback for us? Email us at to let us know what you liked or didn't like about this year's conference! We're excited to make next year even more special for our amazing community!

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